Love God, then everything becomes prayer

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Child, “attend to devotion, this holds promise of life for the present and for eternal life…Train yourself for devotion”. 1 Tim 4: 8-16


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    Rosary Pierced

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    This Holy Rosary in song is meant to uplift, inspire, and deepen this ancient prayer experience for the listener. Listen on the road, in the house while doing tasks, in prayer groups, or caring for the young and the elderly. Come sing the rosary in joy!

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    Mercy Pierced

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    Mercy pierced is an album that seeks to sing and share the heart of Abba Father our Creator. The name comes from the Divine Mercy Chaplet by Saint Faustina. Jesus is pierced for us. Mercy flows from His pierced side, and we are pierced with this Divine Mercy.

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    Light Pierced

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    These songs are raw prayers from the heart sung with simple acoustic guitar melodies. Sounds of Celtic Vocals interweave with ancient prayers spoken in Latin and English. Contemplative Catholic prayers mingle with whispered soul cries of hope.

Youtube Videos

The Parable of Mariah

This short work of fiction Is written for children and adults recovering from trauma. A parable revealing the rise of a soul above shame and fear into courage, vulnerability, and authenticity.

About Prayercor

Prayercor means praying with the heart of our Heavenly Father. Prayercor is an LLC business created to promote and support prayer ministries especially in traditional meditative prayer such as the Rosary, Lectio Divina, prayer journaling, movement, art, song, contemplation, Charismatic prayer, and Saint Ignatian scripture meditation. The forms of prayer are ancient, rooted in Roman Catholicism, Orthodox traditions, but also modern and simplified for adults and children. Sale of items on this website support evangelization, catechism, and prayer ministry.

Prayercor has been initiated to promote and support heart to heart prayer for children and people of all ages, and to help eradicate the obstacles to intimacy in prayer.

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Quotes to Bless Your Journey

“On the day I called, You increased the strength of my soul.” Psalm 138
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